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Threaded Globe Valve
  • Threaded Globe Valve
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Product Description
The axis of the stem of the stainless steel flange globe valve is perpendicular to the sealing surface of the valve seat. The opening or closing stroke of the valve stem is relatively short, and the J41W globe valve has a very reliable cut-off action, making this valve very suitable as a medium for cut-off or adjustment and throttling. Once the J41W series stainless steel globe valve is in the open state, there is no more contact between its seat and disc sealing surface, so its sealing surface is less mechanically worn, because most seats and flaps of globe valves are relatively easy It is not necessary to remove the entire valve from the pipeline when repairing or replacing the sealing element, which is very suitable for the case where the valve and the pipeline are welded together. The flow direction of the medium through such valves has changed, so the flow resistance of the stop valve is higher than that of other valves.

Structural characteristics of J41W stainless steel flange globe valve:
1. Advanced structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance, beautiful appearance. The rigidity of the valve stem is improved, the noise and vibration are significantly reduced, and the service life and various performances of the valve are improved.
2. The shut-off valve can be installed at any position of the pipeline, and the medium flows from bottom to top.
3. Advanced multi-seal, double brackets above DN250, guided motion (which can greatly improve the resistance to water hammer impact), and media enter from above, which better solves the large opening and closing torque of the large-diameter globe valve, and the seal cannot be tightly closed. The stuffing chamber runs, which effectively improves the valve performance and scope of use. (The torque of "close" is 10% of the ordinary valve, and the torque of "open" is 3% of the ordinary valve).
4. The stainless steel globe valve is suitable for pipelines of various corrosive media, with good corrosion resistance and sufficient strength.
5. The alloy steel globe valve is suitable for high temperature steam and oil pipelines, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.

1. Customers have special requirements for products and must provide the following instructions in the order contract:
   (1) Structure length
   (2) Connection form
   (3) Nominal diameter, full diameter, reduced diameter, pipe size
   (4) Operating medium, temperature and pressure range
   (5) Experiments, inspection standards and other requirements
2.ERA valve can configure various driving devices according to the special requirements of customers.
3. If the customer provides the determined valve type and model, the customer should correctly explain the meaning and requirements of the model, and sign the contract under the conditions that the supply and demand sides understand and agree.
4. For futures and ordering customers, please call us in detail to tell us the required valve model, specifications, quantity, delivery time and location, and remit to the account of our company in 30% of the total deposit or the full payment in time, and the rest The payment is remitted before shipment, so that the shipment can be arranged in time.

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