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Precautions for installation of stainless steel valves
Release Time:2020-08-28  Browse: times
Stainless steel valves are a huge family, and there are a wide variety of valves in this, they play an important role in industrial production, and there are many matters needing attention in the use and installation of stainless steel valves, because for different types The valve installation method is different.
If it is not installed properly during installation, or the valve body is damaged due to improper installation, this will bring great safety hazards to future industrial production, especially the current industrial production, the laying of pipelines Most of the media that pass through are harmful, polluting, or high-heat, high-risk fluid media, such as steam, or fluids with corrosive properties...
Therefore, the following points must be paid attention to when installing stainless steel valves.
First of all, during installation, if you need to hoist, remember that the rope or hook should not be directly tied to the valve stem or handwheel, because such hoisting plus the weight of the valve body may damage the valve stem. The original sealing performance, and the most stable part on the stainless steel valve is the flange, so when hoisting, you can choose to hang it on the flange, which is much more secure.

Secondly, before installation, the valve should be inspected carefully. The inspection content is mainly to observe whether the valve components are damaged, whether the sealing is intact, whether the valve stem rotates correctly, and more importantly, whether the valve body is skewed. Due to the weight of the valve itself during transportation, once a collision occurs, the most prone to bend is the valve stem, and the defects of the valve stem will seriously affect the sealing performance and use of the valve body in the future. If it is found that there are packages and other debris in the valve body, carefully clean it up to avoid blocking the valve body during operation in the future.

Finally, when laying the pipeline, it is necessary to clean the area around the pipeline connected by the valve. If necessary, it is necessary to use an air compressor to blow away the fine particles of the surrounding slag, waste and debris. Because of the existence of these debris, it is likely to be rubbed. The sealing surface of the stainless steel valve is damaged and the sealing performance of the entire valve body is damaged.

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